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Thank you for choosing The Executive Experience. Please complete a manager's Participant Information Form for each participant. The information below may be helpful, particularly in assigning the participant's strategic project for the course (project assignment is requested on the form).

CLICK HERE to assign the Participant Strategic Project and complete the Participant Information Form

Project Assignment Information

All information provided will remain confidential and will only be viewed by LeaderPoint staff.  Information provided will only be used for The Executive Experience course for which the participant is enrolled.

About this experience:

This experience offers a wide range of learning opportunities for participants. You can help your people by discussing with them the areas you think would be most helpful.

What they will go through:

The participants you send will be spending a rigorous week with us.  They will have full days and some work each night. They will work in groups and have considerable facilitation. This experience can be frustrating and tiring. For much of the week they will be doing "real" management work in a facilitated business environment or taking time to reflect on the meaning it has for their current management job. Please don't expect them to do anything else the week they are with us.

What they will be able to do when done:

When your participants return, you should notice considerable change in the way they approach new challenges and how they handle people. Many of the assumptions they have about management and leadership will be challenged during this experience. They will have thought clearly about the role and function of management, perhaps for the first time. They will have learned some things that they can apply quickly. They will also return with their project under way. They likely will not, however, be ready to implement their project immediately upon return.

Strategic Projects: 

Projects are used to focus on planning and implementation issues covered in The Executive Experience. Projects provide both experience for the participants and feedback for both you and us. For you, projects help prove that participants can identify and plan how to seize an opportunity. For us, projects provide a way to continue the learning experience. We stay in contact with participants while they continue to work on their projects after the session.

We have found that the project is of most value when the manager (you) takes care in assigning the project. Here are the guidelines for “assigning” a good project:

  • You should assign and evaluate the project from your business or division perspective.
  • A good project is strategic — it is non-functional and involves people or entities outside the operational control of the participant. 
  • It takes the participant out of his/her current duties and relationships. An exception here might be that the project is the participant's current division or department. 
  • It addresses something that needs to be done for the good of the company or business. It is something you would like to explore in detail. 
  • It is not something you are already working on or others are working on. This doesn't mean that others will not work on it.  Indeed, a good project will require the cooperation of others.

For more information about the project, CLICK HERE (PDF file).  The manager's Participant Information Form will ask about the project assignment.

CLICK HERE for Participant Information Form

Again, thank you and please let us know if you have any questions.

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